Release of ECHAM-HAMMOZ (echam6.1.0-ham2.2-moz0.9)

echam6.1.0-ham2.2-moz0.9 is ready!
Added by Sylvaine Ferrachat over 7 years ago

The HAMMOZ developer team is very pleased to announce the new release of:

- ECHAM-HAMMOZ (echam6.1.0-ham2.2-moz0.9)
- jobscript toolkit version 1.0

Please visit the corresponding release page: (as well as

In order to obtain a licence, install or upgrade the new code, please visit the HAMMOZ distribution page:

If you do not yet have access to the HAMMOZ redmine web site, you may request an account by sending an email to Sylvaine Ferrachat () with specifying the following information:

- your first and last names
- your date of birth
- your institute