The ECHAM-HAMMOZ model has been tested, tuned, and carefully evaluated for a limited number of configurations and parameter settings (see Release default settings (registered members only)). While the results are by no means perfect, we claim that ECHAM-HAMMOZ represents the state-of-the-art in tropospheric aerosol modeling.

There is no guarantee that the model will produce 'reasonable' results when the configuration, the namelist parameters, or the model code is altered.

In addition, the gas-phase chemistry part (MOZ) as provided in this release echam6.1.0-ham2.2-moz0.9 is not fit for scientific use yet.

We strongly urge users to contact the ECHAM-HAMMOZ developers when you are planning to perform large sets of model simulations and want to change the configuration or parameters of the model.

Furthermore, we refer to the ECHAM-HAMMOZ licence agreement for a disclaimer of legal responsibility and liability resulting from the use of the ECHAM-HAMMOZ model.

What's new

  • Size-dependent in-cloud scavenging (after Croft et al, ACP 2010), see #62. [Switched on in the default release setup]
  • Orographic cirrus clouds (after Joos et al, JGR 2010), see #65. [Optional]
  • Numerous bugfixes and cleanups

For a complete list, see version:"echam-hammoz (echam6.1.0-ham2.2-moz0.9)" (registered members only).

Model description and reference publications

The description of the ECHAM-HAMMOZ model (release echam6.1.0-ham2.2-moz0.9) and the related reference publications can be found here: ECHAM-HAMMOZ_description_echam6.1.0-ham2.2-moz0.9.pdf.

Reference runs

Please visit the reference runs page (registered members only) for a synthesis in terms of radiative balance, cloud microphysics diagnostics, aerosol species budgets and aerosol radiative properties.

Release default settings

The default settings are reflecting a climatologic experiment (present-day conditions), at resolution T63L31GR15 with prescribed secondary organic aerosols. Aerosol emissions are those from AEROCOM_II ACCMIP.

The full list of runtime parameters as well as the list of input files is automatically set when preparing a run by means of the jobscript toolkit (registered members only), based on the templates stored in [echam_working_copy]/run/run_defaults_echam6-ham.

Known bugs

Known bugs can be found in the list of open issues for the next releases (registered members only).

Getting started

Please read Getting started (registered members only) in order to know how to download the model, build it, and create the appropriate runscripts.