The Hitchhikers Guide to HAMMOZ

Below are a few highlights to help you find your way in this web site.

If you wish to:

  • Get full access to this web site: [this does not comprise access to the code itself]
    You're welcome to get an account! Please send an email to hammoz_account_request "at-sign" with specifying the following information:
    • your first and last names
    • your professional email address (avoid 'gmail-type' personal email address)
    • your date of birth
    • your institution
  • Get access to the echam-hammoz code:
    Please visit the Distribution section, and in particular Licencing conditions, in order to get informed of the HAMMOZ licencing terms, and to obtain a valid licence. Since only one licence per institution is necessary (the head of your institution should sign it), you may check if your institution has already a valid licence. Once your institution has a valid licence, each member of your institution intending to use ECHAM-HAMMOZ should ask for access as described above. Code access, as well as this web site's access and registration to the HAMMOZ mailing list will be granted. One grouped email with the list of new account requests is possible.
  • Learn about the HAMMOZ community code of conduct:
    Please visit Code of conduct.
  • Benefit from previous users' experience on your favorite machine:
    Please check the platform-specific pages (restricted access) to find your favorite machine.
  • Learn all you ever wanted to know about echam-hammoz input files:
    Please visit the input data pages (restricted access).
  • Learn about current issues, release plans etc...:
    Please visit the roadmap page (restricted access).