Code of conduct

As a member of the HAMMOZ community, you are entitled to benefit from the experience of the rest of the community (via the many kinds of available documentation channels, in this web site and in the distributed code documentation). You are welcome to share your own expertise in return: you are very much encouraged to answer questions on the {{link_to_forums(HAMMOZ forum)}}, to propose fixes to problems that you might have solved (via a well documented issue), etc.

You are also subject to some duties:

  • It is strictly forbidden to share your account credentials with anyone else. This not only severely compromises security, but is highly damaging to you and your co-workers, as it prevents efficient communication (e.g. unregistered users would not receive any message posted on the HAMMOZ mailing list, their personal history in terms of interactions on this web site or of code updates is garbled, etc.);
  • always use the recommended versioning tools to checkout the code and the input files. Simple file system copies are bad practice and will end up in bad code update management, ultimately resulting in higher likeliness of bugs.
  • if you change affiliation, two cases may happen:
    • if you intend to still use HAMMOZ in your new job, please request a license for your new affiliation if it does not have one already. Remember also:
      • to update your email address in your redmine profile so that you still receive proper notifications;
      • to inform us about this affiliation change, to keep the corresponding ETH records up-to-date;
    • if you don't intend to use HAMMOZ anymore, please inform us so that we close your ETH account;