Post-processing tools

Added by Sylvaine Ferrachat almost 13 years ago

A new tree in the HAMMOZ svn repository has been created to handle the echam6-hammoz post-processing tools developped by Grazia Frontoso: source:post-processing/trunk.

You may download these tools with:

svn co [URL of the HAMMOZ repository]/post-processing/trunk [directory name as you want]

See General post-processing for detailed informations on how to use these tools.

New echam6-hammoz version

Added by Sylvaine Ferrachat almost 13 years ago

Echam6-hammoz has now been updated to incorporate the first official release of echam-6.0.00 in MPI Hamburg, in addition to several bug fixes.

The corresponding tag can be found here: source:echam6-hammoz/tags/echam6-hammoz_rc1.


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