The Hitchhikers Guide to HAMMOZ

Below are a few highlights to help you find your way in this web site.

If you wish to:

  • Get full access to this web site: [this does not comprise access to the code itself, which is open access]
    HAMMOZ has a long and rich development history coupled to the ECHAM climate model. You may benefit from the discussions and issue tracking of the earlier ECHAM-HAMMOZ versions, available in ECHAM-HAMMOZ after registration.
    You're welcome to get an account! Please send an email to hammoz_account_request "at-sign" with specifying the following information:
    • your first and last names
    • your professional email address (avoid 'gmail-type' personal email address)
    • your date of birth
    • your institution
      One grouped email with the list of new account requests per institution is possible.
  • Learn about the HAMMOZ community code of conduct:
    Please visit Code of conduct.
  • Benefit from previous users' experience on your favorite machine:
    Please check the platform-specific pages to find your favorite machine.
  • Learn all you ever wanted to know about icon-hammoz input files:
    Please visit the input data pages .